Browsing around Movies Anywhere, the multi-studio, multi-platform, “merge your collections” service, I notice they now have a Watch Together feature but, honestly, here’s a promotional image and I could not watch a movie this way. That said, they also have a Screen Pass feature where certain of your movies you can digitally lend out to other people. If you’ve merged your collections on Movies Anywhere and have anything interesting to watch, let me know.

Nadia Eghbal notes an update to her notes, one of which struck me for two reasons of personal note.

How to virtually simulate a “fidget experience” / walking outside together? Ex. ppl listen to talks better when they have something to fidget with, and similarly going on a walk together gives two ppl something else to passively look at, which makes the conversation richer

Ex. video chat where instead of looking at each other, you’re both looking at a YouTube video on mute while talking (kinda like being in one of those hipstery bars with a movie projected on one wall)

That last bit of the first bit is sort of why I want to find a psychoconsultant who does walk-and-talk therapy, although in that context it’s not so much being richer conversations as being less anxious ones.

That second bit reminds me of something I thought about while watching Comic-Con@Home panels that were conducted via Zoom (or whatever), and I feel like such panels — or even such conversations you’re a part of — might be less stressful-seeming (to me, anyway) if people’s cameras and displays were not conjoined instruments, allowing for a wider variety of angles.

Reading through Pratik’s jottings about Goodreads made me realize that the biggest obstacle to me switching to any alternative book-tracking site (existing or forthcoming) is that while I don’t really make use of the social aspects (I don’t have Goodreads friends), I do use it to follow authors so that I’m alerted when they have new books coming out. Any potential Goodreads substitute would need to replicate that feature, or figure its way to something analogous, to entice me into switching. I’d love to take one more step away from large ecosystems like Amazon, but alternatives need to think hard not just about avoiding the bad things about the attention economies of scale such ecosystems offer but about finding substitutes for the good things they offer.

Unless I’m reading things wrong, it turns out people can scan existing 3D objects in order to generate models that then can be 3D-printed? So if I could find somewhere that could scan this hard plastic Kobo case (absent the book-like cover), a model could be generated to then print it in thermoplastic (or other printable rubber-like material), giving me the Kobo cover I want?

As someone who’s not been to San Diego Comic-Con for enough years now that I’ve lost count and don’t remember when was my last, two things have struck me about all the virtual panels happening under the Comic-Con@Home branding. First, it’s making me miss going to San Diego, but I’ll never again be able to afford to go and with the post-diagnosis “regression” (a bad but commonly-used term for it) I’m not sure how I’d deal. Second, this Brady Bunch-style multi-box panel format actually works pretty well, and even when in-person conventions resume I think it would do them some good to include a virtual track of would-be or erstwhile panels and participants who could not present at the event itself.