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You should keep an eye on the Posted Today page; today this post popped up and it’s still a good glimpse into the life story of my brain.

I’ve not felt calm in ages like I felt just now out on my tiny front landing, in the chair, reading about neurodiversity on the Kobo, noise cancelling AirPods active, with a travel mug of tea. I continue to be not capable of saying enough about the chair, to the point where I now want to find a living room loveseat effectively built to the same height and with the same seating angle. It perfectly supports my back, and the sitting position yields no restlessness in my legs. Internet, do you thing: find me such a loveseat.


  1. Someone is going to suggest a futon, due to the angle, but I've never seen or experienced a futon as low as this, or as comfortable as this; I'd need to roughly replicate the depth of the seat itself to approach what the chair does.

My chair arrived from Byer of Maine. I first experienced one of these through a volunteer at The Belmont Goats, and it’s a ridiculously comfortable chair design. It’s perfect for the tiny landing of my mother-in-law cottage.

I’m desperately in need of there being a COVID-safe place to hang out other than home. Today apparently I am to be absolutely besieged by construction sounds to my right and personal power tools to my left, with no hope of escape.

Proof of today’s evening walk through my part of St. Johns, accompanied by 50FOOTWAVE’s Golden Ocean for multiple raging purposes.

Dreams all through the night alternated between horror and dystopia, until one this morning about breaking to a communal household my idea for a better toilet.

And then, headache. And then, a hard crash out like a light for four hours.

My back hurts, and I’m tired, and there definitely was an anxiety spike, but I managed to get up, have a quick bowl of cereal, get to the post office, figure out how to finish packing the old laptop I sold, figure out where out back of the post office they wanted parcels dropped off, and got in the minor grocery errand I’d wanted to do and hoped I’d have the resources to add to this trip out of the house. Exhausting and stressful, but no panic attack, no sense of suffocation (so the Braddock masks, although I need to replace the elastic ear loops with head-ties secured with cord locks, are comfortable enough to not be an extra stressor), and now I can just be at home to have my one coffee for the day and see if Crew Dragon launched.

What’s good on a hot day when you’ve hunkered down inside with the blinds drawn and the lights off? Leftover kung pao beef eaten right from the carton, and cold black tea from the fridge.

Today’s only real goal: survive 90°. Windows were open all night, one with a box fan pulling in cool air. Everything now is all closed up, blinds tilted against the sun. Generally my apartment runs about ten degrees cooler than the outside. Hopefully I don’t suddenly realize I need to go out for anything.

In my goatherd days, one of the other volunteers had a chair like this. I’ve no idea if it was from Byer of Maine or just of the same style but it was one of the most casually-comfortable chairs ever, and so as part of trying to make sitting outside at home more comfortable (and since the whole install-a-screen-door project continues to have execution problems such as not owning any of the tools I would need to trim the door and reinforce the joints) I’ve bought myself one. It’s perfectly-sized for my tiny front landing. There’s an off-chance I could have it as soon as this Friday.

On Autistic Masking (Of The Apparel Kind)

Let’s talk masks again. My current sense is that the specific type, size, and cut of these Braddock masks easily has been the most comfortable on my face, causing me no sense of suffocation. (I’d gotten a three-pack, one each of the grey, charcoal, and black.) However, the elastic ear straps leave something to be desired both because one of my three masks (the charcoal) has a strap that’s already fraying and soon will render to mask unusable — and this after receiving a three-pack twenty-four days ago and not even using a mask every single day — and because ear straps tend to exert force on my ears (especially true with the black mask) of a kind and direction that often causes problems with the AirPods, which I need for the noise cancellation. Some might suggest finding this cut of mask but with around-the-head ties, but I have trouble tying things behind my head like that. What I really need, then, I think, is this cut and type of mask but with stronger elastic straps than these that go around the head like mask-ties do, instead of behind the ears.

Tonight was takeout from Kung Food Restaurant, only a couple of minutes away on foot, for the Kung Pao Beef which I don’t think I’ve had before. This wasn’t intentionally for Takeout Tuesday, but there you go.

Today I managed to get a lot of things squared away about the blog, ran a grocery errand despite the weather making mask-wearing more difficult, took time out to get some nonfiction book-reading done outside, went for a short walk, and spent some time outside at the front of the property with the laptop to write a blog post about the internet.

Tinkered a bit again with the “now” page off my homepage over on the shell machine. I do sort of miss the semi-automated version I’d been doing on my blog, but I like this one better.