There are two unexpected swerves at the end of yesterday’s edition of the Social Distance podcast (one serious and one not so much) so even if you’re not interested in the “should we really be doing sports right now?” conversation, you’ve got that.

Today’s edition of the Social Distance podcast is getting my goat with this referring to having listened to an audio book at double speed as having “read” the book. You listened to the book. You did not read it. And that’s fine. But words mean things.

‪This autism podcast just made a brief big deal about how a question was asked but for the life of me I can’t see what was wrong in how it was asked. I think I’ve honesty at this point determined that I frequently am more frustrated by autistic‬ people talking about autism than I am by allistic people talking about autism. It happens at about 11:18 in this edition of 1800 Seconds on Autism if anyone wants to explain how I’m crazy.


  1. Then someone went off about how they like to listen to the same newscasters before bed even when they are in Japan or New Zealand. I haven’t even left Portland in like a decade. I can never find autistic people talking about being autistic with a failed life like mine.

Sometime last night or this morning I dreamt that I’d started a pandemic podcast where I’d just spend half an hour each day talking with a different person I know on Twitter. There was no particular aim or some sort of thematic point. For all intents and purposes to anyone who listened it was more or less just another random person.

I did try to start in on the special “What’s Good?” episodes of The Good Place: The Podcast today and maybe its just the Portland heat making me cranky today but I admit to being a bit disappointed that the very first person in their answer to the titular question included Marc Evan Jackson and The Good Place: The Podcast. I mean, I appreciate the sentiment but a not-small part of me finds itself wishing they’d kiboshed that as an answer in some rules-of-thumb for these specials; it’s sort of understood in just having been a fan of the show and of the podcast and answered Jackson’s call for entries.