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Today’s brief photo opportunity during a mostly-unsuccessful errand outing which, if nothing else, established that even just 72º and sunny already is a point at which mask-wearing starts to become intolerable. High-80s are coming, and then summer.

Proof of motility. After staying in bed until after noon, I ordered pickup from The Great North (chai and breakfast sandwich). I’m going to need to find a summer-weight cap to keep my ears flat when wearing a mask, so the AirPods stay in.

Apparently there are moments in St. Johns when the setting sun perfectly aligns along North Jersey.

I found out how you can get one of these if for some reason you’ve been looking for one.

Street photography, pandemic shut-in edition: a neighbor on the other side of the construction next door plays with a yo-yo.

What used to be the walking-distance Mama San Soul Shack now is Banh Mi Up, my socially-distant source this evening of takeout chicken pho as a reward for navigating the rapids and wilds of website migrations.

Although I haven’t been posting photos directly to the blog for awhile, in honor of getting the site migration pretty much settled in place, here’s the regular Western scrub-jay visitor outside my living room windows.

Surely we’ll all be okay given the alien thinking about a laughing Jesus that’s looking out for us from a post in downtown St. Johns.

In the end, this is what got me. I’ve been depressed, but I’ve not been emotional. Until discovering on tonight’s walk that some child had drawn hearts oriented to greet the people living in each house along my street as they walked out into the world.

This is outside Blue Moon Camera & Machine, not StormBreaker Brewing where I picked up a burger, fries, and beer; but it was the necessary shot.

The grilled pork vermicelli take-out from Banh Mi Up on North Lombard, my first dish from there.

Portrait of the blogger on his front landing reading a book and keeping the world at bay using noise canceling earbuds.

A look up into the branches of the tree down the path from my front landing where I am reading a book and drinking coffee.

All physical and psychological resources are at an extreme low point, and that was before the construction barrage from next door. I suppose I’m not at my limit but I’m far enough out to be thinking about where that limit is, exactly.