I’m still waiting for Oregon DHS to answer my question about whether or not the federal payments count as income for SNAP purposes, but I did verify which bank account the IRS has for direct deposit, and that I still have its damned debit card.

The latest word from the Oregon Health Authority is that “Federal stimulus payments […] will not affect OHP eligibility. They will not be counted […] when members report a change in their household”. Now I just need a ruling on SNAP benefits.

I can’t find it now, but this morning I read that the direct cash payments do count against income limits for various social welfare benefits, so my expectation right now is that it will impact my SNAP allotment. What I don’t know is whether it will only impact it for the month the payment is received or for any month in which any of the payment amount remains unspent.

Honestly, the biggest challenge for me is going to be not getting ahead of myself on SNAP purchases, unless I’m getting non-perishables that I’d normally get at some point along the way anyway. I’m already slightly ahead of where I should be mid-month, but I think it’s almost all accounted for by my usual staples (pasta, rice, oatmeal, frozen things, etc.) so I should in the end still be on a normal track; it’s just my biggest potential red flag area.

I’d budgeted perfectly for a bagel with creamcheese and coffee at the new bagel place every day this week, but today I really needed breakfast out, so now I’ve no money until Sunday. That said, I appear to have everything I need until then anyway.

Well, I guess this internet nostalgia reread isn’t happening. Two of the four books had been $2.99 and $3.99 as ebooks, but suddenly now are $11.99 and $14.99, respectively. I should have grabbed those two last month. I’m a little baffled at why they’d out of nowhere jack the prices on Small Pieces Loosely Joined and We’ve Got Blog, though.

Because I really can’t stomach that The Democrat 2020: Better An Old Fart Than An Old Fascist is the best we’re allowing ourselves to do, I guess I will spend $5.99 on a month of CBS All Access, that I can’t really afford, to binge catch-up on Star Trek: Picard.


  1. And I just fell backwards into a free month of CBSAA and that gets me through all of this season, so there’s that.
  2. Although, really, Picard’s also an old fart.

If there’s one thing that makes it hard to get out of bed it’s receiving X dollars at the start of the month and immediately having to spend more than half on bills for the first half of the month.

Is there any reason to switch from Sprint to Xfinity Mobile? I could have the same setup I have now for the same price, so it’d only make sense if there’s some obvious benefit. Otherwise, I’ll stay where I am and continue pondering that upgrade fee which gets me a better iPhone camera setup for less than a dollar more per month.

Still looking for a macOS solution for basic photo edits, mostly things like resizing and saving to .png without ending up with files that are massive compared to the original .jpg. It used to be Photoshop Elements for me, but the version I have doesn’t work right under macOS Catalina. Someone did tip me to Acorn and I did do the trial but I don’t have a spare $30 laying around.


  1. I should specify that this isn’t really for photography work; I use Lightroom for that. This is for nonsense like making .png versions of book covers for use in my Reading posts.

Are there any magical incantations to utter at a Sprint store to get them to waive their ridiculous $30 upgrade fee? That’s the only way I could justify switching from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 11. The investment of time to go to a store is too much as it is.