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Oh, hey: will Kali Holloway of The Daily Beast be the one finally to take down Shaun King? The phrase “King did not respond” appears ten times regarding easily-documented misused or missing funds.

Finally today I got to finish up a side project I’ve been itching to get done: restoring my old MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011) to a clean High Sierra (the most recent macOS it can use) and listing it for sale on eBay, where this model seems to sell for as much as $320. The goal here is to get within spitting distance of an iPad Mini so that all my damned devices just naturally work together (excepting my Kobo, because Apple won’t make an E Ink e-reader) — part of my increasing midlife need for Things That Just Work.

Newberg had an interesting idea to help both residents and businesses: credit towards your municipal utilities bill when you patronize local companies.

Unlike the existing economic relief payments which excluded any relief for adult dependents (or, rather, for those upon whom they are dependent) the new proposal from Senators Harris, Sanders, and Markey — for $2,000 monthly payments retroactive to March and lasting until three months after the public health crisis ends — includes them. Of course, the White House literally just said they won’t consider any additional relief packages this month.

I keep checking my old OnPoint account hoping the IRS made a mistake and sent me stimulus money, which means I am needlessly contributing to their online banking technical problems.

The numbers of autistic adults receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits are increasing; those numbers don’t include me, but then the Federal government also doesn’t consider me worthy of a coronavirus stimulus payment.

Cool, neither I nor the person who claims me as a dependent (did you miss all those posts about not being self-sufficient?) gets any federal stimulus money for me. Michigan senators are trying to change that, but as it stands: zero dollars.

I’m still waiting for Oregon DHS to answer my question about whether or not the federal payments count as income for SNAP purposes, but I did verify which bank account the IRS has for direct deposit, and that I still have its damned debit card.

The latest word from the Oregon Health Authority is that “Federal stimulus payments […] will not affect OHP eligibility. They will not be counted […] when members report a change in their household”. Now I just need a ruling on SNAP benefits.

I can’t find it now, but this morning I read that the direct cash payments do count against income limits for various social welfare benefits, so my expectation right now is that it will impact my SNAP allotment. What I don’t know is whether it will only impact it for the month the payment is received or for any month in which any of the payment amount remains unspent.

Somehow I have $6 in Apple Store credit — a mere $243 short of those active noise canceling earbuds!

Honestly, the biggest challenge for me is going to be not getting ahead of myself on SNAP purchases, unless I’m getting non-perishables that I’d normally get at some point along the way anyway. I’m already slightly ahead of where I should be mid-month, but I think it’s almost all accounted for by my usual staples (pasta, rice, oatmeal, frozen things, etc.) so I should in the end still be on a normal track; it’s just my biggest potential red flag area.

I’d budgeted perfectly for a bagel with creamcheese and coffee at the new bagel place every day this week, but today I really needed breakfast out, so now I’ve no money until Sunday. That said, I appear to have everything I need until then anyway.

Well, I guess this internet nostalgia reread isn’t happening. Two of the four books had been $2.99 and $3.99 as ebooks, but suddenly now are $11.99 and $14.99, respectively. I should have grabbed those two last month. I’m a little baffled at why they’d out of nowhere jack the prices on Small Pieces Loosely Joined and We’ve Got Blog, though.