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What’s good on a hot day when you’ve hunkered down inside with the blinds drawn and the lights off? Leftover kung pao beef eaten right from the carton, and cold black tea from the fridge.

Man, I get it. I really do. But this coffeeshop in Philadelphia (via John Gruber) is depressing. All that plexiglass makes it more like a security line than a coffee line. I know we have to be safe but do we not have design ideas that aren’t sterile and antiseptic?

Tonight was takeout from Kung Food Restaurant, only a couple of minutes away on foot, for the Kung Pao Beef which I don’t think I’ve had before. This wasn’t intentionally for Takeout Tuesday, but there you go.

Today’s weirdest news? The new bagel place in St. Johns is becoming a hotdog place although you’ll still be able to get bagels and schmear. According to that Instagram post, the pandemic forced the closure of the owner’s brunch spot, so now St. Johns gets hotdogs for some reason.

The Big Tea Switch

So I’d been doing tea instead of coffee for two-and-a-half days, but got coffee with the breakfast I had delivered today and it’s punching me in the brain. Before the tea switch, I’d been doing decaf-to-caffeinated at home at around a 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio for months, but with the pandemic lockdown I’d been drinking too much every single day and it was wrecking (sorry here) my excretory system. Hence I’ve been doing a tea thing, and even though it’s been caffeinated black tea, and despite my the decaf ratio I’d been doing on coffee, my system has settled down. What I didn’t expect was that after just two-and-a-half days, a fully caffeinated coffee would make my head spin. Tea, though, ends up being more expensive than coffee, so I need to look at bulk tea that I can still just make pots of essentially the way I’ve been doing: four teabags in the coffeemaker carafe, water double-run through the coffeemaker, steep for awhile; then I drink that pot over the course of the day, which is less tea than I was having coffee every day beforehand.

This chai I forced myself to spend early-day resources on going to get is just making me want to be able to make chai lattes at home.

For the nth day in a row, I did not get out of bed until around noon. Unlike the last three fatigue-heavy days, I got cleaned up and dressed almost immediately, ordered a latte and breakfast sandwich for takeout, and walked to the coffeeshop and back. That said, I still need to run that grocery errand, and I’m not sure it will happen today, either.

What used to be the walking-distance Mama San Soul Shack now is Banh Mi Up, my socially-distant source this evening of takeout chicken pho as a reward for navigating the rapids and wilds of website migrations.

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Arleta Library Bakery & Cafe is one of those Portland places you’ve probably heard of even if you’ve never been. (I’d been there once, when I lived in Lents and was looking for places to get coffee.) Pandemic restrictions have shuttered it permanently.

Slept in again, but then I’ve nothing which requires my early rising. The extent of unwashed dishes meant breakfast was oatmeal and frozen sausage. I did, however, manage to find a solution to one of my pressing WordPress use cases (as I continue to look into migrating my blogging life back to self-hosted WordPress for the first time in over a decade), which turned the already-planned trip out to get my first latte in weeks into something of a reward instead of only a “just because”.

I wish just one of the St. Johns coffee shops doing takeout orders were open in the afternoon, which is when I tend to want to go for a walk and grab a latte. I think 2:00pm is the latest and that’s still too early for me.

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