The horror-movie nightmare I had this morning offered two indelible images: ugly, yellow-green wallpaper which appeared to have the shape of people’s faces in it; and a waxy, organ-like substance dripping from the ceiling onto the bed I was in.

‪After a terror of a nightmare I returned to sleep only briefly before waking at five to one cat spitting up because she again drank from dirty dishes in the sink, a stomach that kept me on the toilet for twenty minutes, and the other cat leaping over me in bed to attack a mystery something on the wall.‬ Today seems not too great so far.

Awoke not long after five in the morning from maybe the most prosaic nightmare I’ve ever had. I was on a group trip to other countries, and during one outing I was falling behind the group walking up a long inclined urban road or path. Another of the group was straggling, too, but they went one way while I went another way, and then I even lost sight of them. Wandering aimlessly trying to find a way to help myself, I had no contact information for anyone on me, no smartphone, no bags. I ended up on a walking path above a highway, trying to find my way in what now had become night to what looked like a shopping mall, thinking maybe everyone had gone there. By the time I found my way down and away from the highway, it was just some sort of warehouse or factory, but I followed back alleys toward what seemed like more retail and office buildings, hoping to find the American consulate. On the way I had to cross an urban skyway between buildings, packed with people whose movements made the enclosed bridge sway, prompting a panic attack. Finally, I found the consulate and explained my situation. One agent started to say, “I don’t mean to be rude—” but I interrupted with, “So why do it.” The other agent said I’d be responsible for my own expenses. I said that I understood, I just needed help figuring out who to contact about finding my group. I woke up.

All night I dreamt about trying to keep straight that clocks have complications while magic has circumstances; I’d wake up confused, then fall back asleep to continue.

Dreamt needing to move or evacuate and not having a carrier for my cat (I only had one in the dream) so I had to try to carry her by hand and then once in a bus or maybe a plane or maybe an aerial tram she started to shrink into a newt-like thing that I was panicking I would lose and I almost did when she fell from my hand to my shirt and then she just kept shrinking to insect size and I panicked that the other insects walking on my clothes would eat her and then she disappeared altogether.

Dreams all through the night alternated between horror and dystopia, until one this morning about breaking to a communal household my idea for a better toilet.

‪I no longer remember the details but in the middle of the night I woke up from a nightmare feeling for the first time I can recall like the dream had been personally unfair to me.‬

Dreams of note: trapped or some such in a supermarket where I had to try to keep track of my cats while the store’s cat population was increasing exponentially; witnessing if not causing the crash of a van which swerved out of the road into a parked tanker truck, crushing the front and liquefying the parents of the children seated in back; and being part of a performance in which I had to be catheterized, which turned out to be a scam, requiring me to figure out how to decatheterize myself.

Sometime last night or this morning I dreamt that I’d started a pandemic podcast where I’d just spend half an hour each day talking with a different person I know on Twitter. There was no particular aim or some sort of thematic point. For all intents and purposes to anyone who listened it was more or less just another random person.