This is the internet weblog of Bix Frankonis.

Reading Guide

A (somewhat) comprehensive guide to the blog restoration project bringing as much of my blogging as I can find from around 2000 to the present back to the web. This guide mostly is complete, but it’s not guaranteed that I’ll be able to locate and recover everything.

Early blogging was done by hand, with a switch to Blogger in late 2000. Late in 2002, I transitioned to using Moveable Type. Somewhere in the 2010s, I mostly moved to WordPress but also used Tumblr. By 2020, I also was experimenting with different sites and services including, and (now) Weblog.LOL.

During the migration, links in this guide are to the Wayback Machine unless the site in question still exists online. If a site’s migration has been completed, its entry will link to its source page here.

Posts from the following sites are missing and/or still to be determined: and Content from will not be included here but might be restored as an archive of its own.