This is the internet weblog of Bix Frankonis.


What I Post Here

Mostly I blog about me. Even when I’m blogging about other things I’m blogging about me. You’ll pretty often find posts about being autistic, but this is not an “autism blog”. You might run into posts about consciousness, astrophysics, Portland, and goats. Among other sundries.

Interacting With Me

There are no comments, but each post includes a link to reply via email. If you blog something I’ve blogged, feel free to send a webmention. Although I don’t display them, I appreciate receiving the notification.

Restoration Project

My goal for 2023 is to import as much of my blogging as I can find, potentially to 1999, but for now the goal is back to mid-2017. Currently there are (noncontinuous) posts between 2002 and 2023, with more posts from 2018-2021 slowly being filled in.

Posts are tagged with the domain of their original blog, allowing easy access to the posts from any individual source.

Due to this usage of tags, posts are not otherwise organized. Navigation is through browsing, search, and (hopefully?) internal backlinks.

How I Make This

This site is managed and published on beta Weblog.LOL. Posts are written in beta Panda. Design based upon Special by Ediz Baha. Icons are from Font Awesome. Linklog uses RSS to JSON and Simple RSS. This domain is courtesy of Automattic’s Dotblogger program.