What Can I But Enumerate Old Themes?

So, as mentioned, I’ve been making a custom theme using Underscores that would ape the look and feel I achieved under Blogstream but without all the unnecessary jankiness the latter theme had under the hood. As of tonight, you are looking at the result. There are, however, some caveats.

After working on this for days and having things so swimmingly, more so than usually is the case for these sorts of endeavors, today lots of shit hit the fan once I moved the theme from local development to live production. My mental state has taken a dramatic cliff dive just in the last three hours or so.

At this point, most things are working. There are some styling issues at various breakpoints that I do not like, but I’m setting those aside for another time as they are not critical. The navigation on posts to next and previous posts is partially broken. Not in functionality but in the sense that the solution I’d had that I thought was working, to show a generated pseudo-title for untitled posts, in fact was not working correctly. It’s been reverted to the default behavior until I can figure this out.

In the course of local development, generating internal backlinks was not working, and this post will serve as a test of whether or not I’ve actually managed to break this in live production as well. I’m not sure how that would happen, and I’m hoping that it was just a problem with the regular expression choking on localhost:8888 in a way that it will not choke on bix.blog.

There are a couple of other stray styling issues I will take care of when I get back any sort of upbeat motivation. Right now I’m feeling battered and bruised, and literally at this moment it feels like mavity is pulling down on the fleshier parts of my face.

Finally, I should note that it’s been brought to my attention by a developer that the bug in Markdown in the Classic Editor that breaks multi-paragraph list items, in addition to being considered “low priorty” (which I already knew), is unlikely ever to get fixed at all because, for all intents and purposes, WordPress thinks Classic can fuck off right to hell, along with, I guess, those of us who rely on it all working properly and as advertised.

I’m not in any way happy right now, and getting the custom theme in place should have felt like a capstone to all the work I’ve been doing. Instead, I just feel like shit.


  1. If nothing else, I did not manage to break internal backlink generation, so that’s good anyway.