I’m trying to clear out something of a growing backlog of prospective blog posts, and rather than belabor this one (not that it would have come close to my discursive post on mediocrity) I’m just going to lay out the relevant links serially.


To me, this is what’s great about this strange thing called the internet that we built over the decades. It allows for all sorts of weird and random digital connections across the globe that can develop and evolve into beautiful human interactions. I met most of the people I consider friends thanks to the internet. And yes, that includes Mike.


I’ve been lucky enough to make a number of friends off the back of this blog (and also their blogs). This is a bit of a feel good post about how social media isn’t the only way to meet new people.


I like to imagine that the persona I present online (via this blog or via social media) is largely the same as how I am in person, so I don’t feel like knowing that IRL friends read my blog would stifle me in any way. One time I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while and she said she heard about some recent troubles by reading about it on the blog, which is always a pleasant thing to find out.


Maybe we’re all living in one big lonely house – rooms alongside one another – somehow thinking that we’re the only one laying awake in the night, gazing at the ceiling, with this unnameable feeling. All the while, someone just a wall apart is staring out the window into the unknowable dark, and thinking the same thing.

Rearrange beds to make sure thoughts
Flow straight from my house to yours
And when you’re asleep you can forget about us all

—An Horse, “Rearrange Beds”