If you’re thinking of doing any Bixday shopping this year, now would be a good time. The newest iteration of the Beats Studio Pro is on sale for just $179 during Prime Big Deal Days, but that means this price ends Tuesday. (This is not a promotional or Amazon Affiliates post.)

Despite having options being a pretty good thing when you’re autistic and have sensory processing disorder and have need of both active noise cancelation and using music for self-regulation, I don’t currently own any over-the-ear headphones—and even at full price these are more than comparable to the AirPods Max which cost still hundreds more.

I’d consider trying for the Prime Visa card with its immediate $150 gift card, but despite my good credit rating the inevitable rejection due to a lack of income would make it a waste of the hard pull on my credit report. Bixday comes just two weeks to the day after this sale ends when Tuesday does.

Maybe all of my readers can take up a quick collection.