I’m starting to get into something of a spiral as I get all the blog posts back into place as they were before the move and have been able to start thinking about next steps.

At issue is that I simply cannot find a way to build the sources page, listing all the original sites from which posts have come, to fit within the design conceit of the archive pages, and I don’t want this one, single page to stick out like a sore design thumb.

It’s dramatically reducing my motivation to finish moving the last seventy or so blog posts, because ultimately without the sources page the restoration project won’t make a lick of sense.

I’m not sure what to do, because I can’t seem to solve it, and after all the work getting this theme set up properly, and getting a bunch of custom functions working, I don’t want to have to flush it all and start over from scratch again.

The very idea makes me want instead to throw my laptop off of the St. Johns Bridge.


  1. Well, so, on top of everything else, at 11:00PM it seems that all of my custom CSS just up and vanished and the pane in the editor where custom CSS went has completely vanished.

    Blockquotes are now broken and you can’t tell what’s me or what’s someone I’m quoting, code elements are the wrong size, and the quick-and-dirty dark mode is gone. I have to rebuild it all from scratch, or just go throw my laptop off of the St. Johns Bridge.

  2. Things are partially restored thanks to not having completely deleted a separate “custom CSS plugin” whose settings turned out to still have most of my custom CSS from when I was using that plugin.

    This does not, however, explain how WordPress deleted my existing customizations or how, with no software updates or changes whatsoever, even the location of the “additional CSS” component in the site editor suddenly switched locations.

    I’m neither lying or exaggerating when I say that I’m heading to bed giving serious thought to just chucking this entire endeavor. I can’t handle the stress, and I can’t handle the inexplicability.

  3. Also, can I just say that the fact that you can’t use add_rewrite if you’re using nginx is a hellacious hassle, and none of the rules ChatGPT have given me have worked, and someone really needs to find a way to fix this incompatibility because it makes me want to bash my head into a wall to think of trying to migrate to Apache in order to get this working.