One Brief Update On The Blog Move

For the most part, the WordPress setup is complete, having figured out the block editor sufficiently to get an full archive page working consistent with the theme’s date- and taxonomy-based archive pages.

For the record, the front page displays a list of the ten most-recent posts, while the archive, date, and taxonomy pages show batches of 100 with pagination.

I’m not automating the move of the posts themselves. Despite the current compliment being nearly 500 posts, it’s honestly going to go easier on my sanity if I just cut and paste them one at a time.

There’s a lazy dark mode working. It’s just a filter: invert(90%); on the html element. Since I’m not using any images, this should be sufficient without me really having to dig into the theme itself, which I really don’t want to do.

Right now, the biggest outstanding problem is that while ChatGPT and I successfully have made a custom function for a system of internal backlinks which tracks them based upon post ID on both the linking post and the linked post(s) using post meta, we can’t seem to get working a related function for removing backlinks on linked posts should the linking post be deleted.

Technically, if I keep a post meta manager plugin installed, I always could delete the backlinks by hand, but that’s a pain in the ass. Also, it simply makes no sense to me that we can create these records but not delete them.

Most of my hyperfocus over the next couple of weeks will be split between getting posts moved over and continuing the maddening chain of ChatGPT conversations aimed at getting backlinks deletion to work.


  1. For the moment at least, I’ve turned on display of backlinks. Obviously not all posts have any, especially given that I haven’t gotten all my current and restored-so-far posts moved over.

  2. Backlinks display has been disabled again as I’ve discovered some code discrepancies and haven’t yet gotten ChatGPT to sort them out properly.