Kaiser Permanente’s Coordination Disorder

Once again I am fighting with Kaiser Permanente over not being able officially to receive the Developmental Coordination Disorder diagnosis despite the Occupational Therapy evaluation in December 2021 in support of it.

In the past, the excuse was that DCD typically is diagnosed in children, and no one in Physiatry knew enough about adult DCD to feel comfortable giving me the diagnosis. In this latest attempt, I’ve again been giving the line about it typically being diagnosed in children.

My latest message:

Today, March 18, 2023, I received a response from Member Relations to an uniqury I’d sent on February 12, trying to ascertain why we can’t seem to get the correct, proper diagnosis of Developmental Coordination Disorder into my record, which is supported by an evaluation by Occupational Therapy.

(As a kludge and workaround, my primary care physician added to my Ongoing Health Conditions a listing for Neuromuscular Disorder, Dyspraxia. The problem is that I do not have a neuromusculasr disorder, a category which includes things such as nerve disorders and muscular dystrophy.)

In this recent response, Member Relations says the following:

“I learned the diagnosis, DCD, is typically only used for children. After his review, he [the chief of Physiatry] agreed with the information as recorded in your medical chart.”

This, again, makes no sense, as I do not have a neuromuscular disorder. I have a developmental disorder. And much like autism spectrum disorder, another developmental disorder I have, DCD very much can be, and is, diagnosed in adults as well.

It’s frustrating to have doctors say my chart should say I have a neuromuscular condition when I do not. I do not understand why I have insurance but canot receive the correct, proper diagnosis.

The notice from Member Relations indicates to me that if I disagree with my records, I can request “an amendment”, requests for which are handled by ROI, and to contact you to submit such a request.

I am contacting you to submit such a request, per all of the above. My evaluation by Occupational Therapy supports a DCD diagnosis and in fact I was told in the room at the time that had I in fact been evaluated as a child, there’s no question I’d have received a DCD diagnosis. As a developmental condition, much as with autism, if I’d have been diagnosed then, I should be diagnosed now.

I have now been trying for nearly a year and a half, since the OT evaluation.

I formally request that my medical record be changed to reflect that I have Developmental Coordination Disorder, not Neuromuscular Disorder, Dyspraxia.

It makes no logical sense whatsoever for Kaiser doctors to use the “diagnosed in children” thing as a shield, and I’m starting to go from my frustration of a year ago to being pissed off, rather actively.

I do not like having lies in my medical record, no matter the intention. Doctors shouldn’t like it either, and Kaiser should be able to coordinate getting this right.