Once again—and, yes, already—I am working on a re-theme of the blog. This mostly has been sparked by having rebooted the homepage to be more OMG.LOL profile-like, and separated out certain of its items into a nowpage.

For those pages, I’ve basically just made some customizations to the omg.Special theme, which I’ve spent the better part of two days trying to make work for a weblog, too. This mostly works at this point, but I’m having trouble keeping my anxiety and OCD at bay.

Earlier today, I undid a whole bunch of work on trying to adapt the omg.Special theme to proper, semantic, blog-like HTML under the hood and walked myself right into what we might as well call some very claustrophobic intrusive design thoughts and a compulsive anxiety that I couldn’t walk away from. Once I’d somehow forced myself to put it all down, I had a near-miss with a sobbing fit, and sat in the dark for an hour.

At any rate, after dinner I decided first to try just getting the theme working visually in the weblog content, and those problems for the most part have been solved.

That said, it can’t be deployed until I can figure out how to convert it all to proper, semantic, blog-like HTML under the hood, and I can’t do that until I can figure out how not to walk myself into claustrophobic intrusive design thoughts, a compulsive anxiety, sobbing fits, and an indeterminate number of hours sitting alone in the dark.