I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Blog

After finally finding a dark theme here with which I’m satisfied, I’ve decided to buck the regular advice and not bother with a light theme at all.

This is not the recommended course, but after two days of trying to find a light theme I liked that “went with” the new dark theme, it became clear that I was expending too many cognitive resources on the problem during a period where I have very few to spare.

Meanwhile, I’ve added a new thing to the landing page: a “previously on” block at the bottom. I’m manually updating this with whatever old blog post I’ve either been thinking about lately or recently came across during the restoration project.

Eventually, I hope to automate this feature with a rotating selection of old posts but for now it’s just the one, static item. The design of the block apes the landing page header, which also helps balance the what had been something of a top-heavy look to the landing page.

In addition, at some point I’ll be dropping the jsDelivr CDN solution for serving my CSS file that I only just recently discovered. This in part is because there’s a long time-to-live on the caching (and their purge tool doesn’t always seem to work), and in part because it’s on the Weblog.LOL roadmap to allow you to manage your CSS as a separate file.


  1. I’ve also reverted back to what always was my preferred approach to addenda on posts: an ordered list.

    I didn’t like separating addenda using a horizontal rule because I also use those within the original text just to designate sections or thought transitions, whereas in the addenda section they were meant to indicate completely different times I edited to add a new addendum.

    This change is made possible by finally learning how to include things like paragraphs and blockquotes inside a single list item. Spoiler: you start those additional elements with four spaces.

  2. One other recent change: I’ve done away with the full justification I use habitually because I like the visual balance. Most everything I’ve read suggests that left justification is easier for people to read. I’m struggling with it myself but I suspect that’s autistic inertia and will let up over time.

  3. A couple days later, I’ve also removed the CSS for hyphenation and slightly narrowed the margins on <blockquote> to make it more readable on mobile.

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