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Introducing My Styling New CDN

Thanks first to Chris Ferdinandi and then to Chris Coyier, I learned that jsDelivr will serve GiHub repository files over their CDN. This gave me a way out of a CSS thicket here on the blog.

To wit: I’ve several different templates at Weblog.LOL which render different parts of the site, each with its own, individual <style> element in <head>, which has meant that any changes I might make that technically should be site-wide would need to be made multiple times across multiple templates.

Eventually, the service will have a way to edit a single CSS file and have its content incorporated into templates with something like a {css} function, but it’s been bugging me on and off even without having any CSS changes I’ve needed to make for awhile.

As of tonight, every part of the blog now calls a single, unified stylesheet from jsDelivr’s CDN, pulling from my GitHub repository created just for this purpose. This makes things simpler for me, with the added bonus that I don’t have to spend any money on a CDN.


  1. Alas, and contrary to the Coyier, the @latest trick in fact doesn’t seem to work, although including a specific version tag does. This is less than ideal, as it means I have to change the <link> element calling my CSS file in every single weblog template, but still better than needing to update any actual CSS changes in every single weblog template.

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