Style Mapping For Jetpack’s Markdown Block

For reasons I won’t belabor in depth right now, I’ve been using the Markdown Block that comes with the Jetpack plugin to write posts here. Partly this is because everything I’d migrated into when I was there was in Markdown, and partly this is because the Block Editor doesn’t allow nested lists or paragraphs within list items.

Unfortunately, this means that various HTML elements generated within a Markdown Block don’t pick up various styles as defined by whatever block theme you happen to be using, because WordPress hates the web.

I’ve just submitted an idea to Jetpack Feature Requests and it’s pretty straightforward.

This is a bit esoteric, but I would love it if the Markdown Block came with configuration settings that would let you specify how to map various HTML elements as produced within the Markdown Block to existing styles in the current Block Theme.

For example, a simple way to map the hr element as generated by a Markdown Block to one of the separator styles in the current theme.

This way, whether you make a post using the Markdown Block or not, the styling of various elements would remain consistent.

Really, I should say the idea is pretty straightforward. I don’t know exactly how complicated this would be to implement, but I can’t imagine it’d be overly so. I don’t expect WordPress to implement this, but I feel like it would go some way to smoothing over the problems they created in their move to block themes.