For awhile now I’ve had a disclaimer on posts older than ten years, something I instituted after seeing it elsewhere. There’s nothing magic about that number other than five years seeming too short and my lack of a continuous sense of self.

I’ve just made an additional use of that chronological landmark. Posts younger than ten years now get a “reply by email” link in the spot that posts older than ten years get the disclaimer.

The idea here, I guess, is that while someone might want to respond to something I blogged more than a decade ago, it’s so old that I’ll introduce slightly more friction to being able to do so. It’s not that I disinvite responses to old posts, per se, but that maybe someone should have to be really motivated to send one.

Since the recent move of the blog, I’ve been wracking by brain trying to decide where to put the “reply by email” link, and I think this solution should put it out of my mind.