Getting Markdown In The Dumps

In this current iteration of the blog and for the purposes of the restoration project, I’m writing and migrating posts using the Markdown block that comes as part of the Jetpack plugin. Not until several days ago, however, did I noticed an inexplicable bug.

While straight single-quotation marks and apostrophes in the Markdown get published as smart/curly marks, double marks remain straight.

I’ve posted about the issue, but it turns out that apparently it’s been an issue for at least two years. In that earlier post, a plugin contributor bizarrely marked the issue as "resolved" even though it…wasn’t.

We’ll see what happens, as I’ve poked the original GitHub issue and now it’s apparently being looked into. In the meantime, I am trying not to let my OCD get the better of me, because my brain flares every time I look at a blog post and only single-quotation marks and apostrophes look right.