As of a day or two ago, finally got everything here caught up to the number of posts I’d previously gotten into the blog at its last host. I’ve still not found a way to incorporate a list of sources in a way that goes with the current design. I’ve still not found an answer to getting date-based archives to use three-letter month abbreviations instead of numbers. The front page now has an unlabeled "on this day" section at the bottom. I’ve decided that the next batch of posts to by restored will be the earliest stuff I could find, from March 2000 to August 2000. As near as I can tell, this pre-dates my use of Blogger by about a year, even though Blogger existed, and so must have been done manually. This is somewhat surprising as those old posts were timestamped in hour, minute, and second, and included the three-letter timezone which even adjusted based upon whether or not Daylight Saving was in effect. So, technically I think it’s possible that I might have been using Blogger already, but I simply can’t find any evidence in the source code on the pages saved to the Wayback Machine. If the original material exists anywhere still, it would be either on and old MacBook drive that doesn’t boot, or an old OpenBSD drive that I haven’t yet found a way to mount and explore.