Ridiculous SNAP Changes Are Ridiculous

So, after contacting my electeds about the new SNAP work requirements, I read this CBPP analysis by Katie Bergh AND Dottie Rosenbaum that explained the "phase-in" of lifting the age cap.

The agreement would expand SNAP’s existing harsh work-reporting requirement to apply to older adults aged 50-54 over time. Starting 90 days after enactment, 50-year-olds would be newly subject to this work-reporting requirement. Beginning October 1, 2023, almost immediately after the first change would take effect, the work-reporting requirement would expand further to also apply to 51- and 52-year-olds; it would then expand to apply to 53- and 54-year-olds beginning October 1, 2024. Once fully phased in, this requirement would remain in place until October 1, 2030.

I’m currently 53, and will turn 54 in late October. So, for the bulk of 2024 I will be older than the raised cap, until the first of October when the cap is raised to 54.

In other words, either I manage to obtain a disability exemption, or for exactly twenty-four days I will be subject to the work requirements, then suddenly no longer subject due to turning 55 in late October.

It’s worth reading the entire analysis, as it gets into why work requirements themselves, ironically, don’t work. Supplement it with Annie Lowery for The Atlantic on the same subject.

Republicans worried about poor people working should start supporting policies proven to boost employment, like universal child care and effective job training. Democrats should feel ashamed for ever having supported work requirements. They should feel even more ashamed for offering them as a policy concession to Republicans now, when we have so much evidence of how little they help and how much they hurt.

Big sigh.