Make Date-Based Archive URLs Match My Custom Permalinks?

There’s one remaining, outstanding organizational issue with my move back to WordPress. Thus far neither the WordPress forums, Stack Exchange, nor Reddit has offered any solutions. ChatGPT had one, but there was a hitch.

The issue is this: I’ve a custom function here that allows me to use a %monthname% variable in permalinks where one normally would use %monthnum%. It outputs the capitalized three-letter month abbreviation. It’s a format I used ten to fifteen years ago on FURIOUS nads! and I like that’s it’s more human-readable than the standard %monthnum%.

Unfortunately, setting permalinks for posts in WordPress settings has no impact whatsoever upon the date-based archive URLs.

I can’t seem to find a solution to this, except for some options provided by ChatGPT that require the use of WordPress’ add_rewrite_rule. That function is unavailable to me as my WordPress install runs under ngnix not Apache. ChatGPT tried to give me solutions that would work under nginx but for whatever reason they didn’t actually accomplish anything.

So, even though no one reads my blog, I’m left with only the choice to write up this description of what I need, and what are my limitations, in the hopes that someone, somehow, somewhere knows how I can get this done.