One small bit of quasi-interaction I miss from my older blogging days are trackbacks, notwithstanding the degree to which that method became overwhelmed by spam. I’ve just set up an external webmention service here. They won’t display publicly, but I’m pleased to find I can subscribe to them in my feed reader.

There’s no way to limit what kind of webmentions I might get, which is a shame because I don’t really care about bookmarks or likes, per se; it’s the knowing when someone’s blogged about one of my posts that I miss. Late last week, I realized that to this day I still have the habit of clicking each link I’ve included in a post once it’s published: back in “the day”, the only real way you had to see who linked you was by browsing your referrers.

Adding webmentions here might come to bite me in the ass, because as I’ve indicated before I’ve mixed feelings about including any kind of analytics or analytics-adjacent tool that might serve only to show me that no one’s actually reading any of this at all.