Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

I’ve spent a bunch of time over the past week building a guide to the blog restoration project. I just noticed that Mike Hall is debating himself on how much old content to bring into his blog. He’s got a disclaimer thing of the sort that I’m planning for here, although now I can’t find where I’d originally come across the idea because it was something I’d posted to Mastodon and recently I deleted all my posts before once again quitting social media. I do think it doesn’t make sense to restore two decades of blogging without a disclaimer of this sort on old posts. One of the things that’s already becoming clear as I try to track down all or most of my old blogging is that there’s probably a trove of mental health history in there, much of which I will have completely forgotten in specifics until I run into old posts about it. It’s unclear to me what amount of my old posts will be merely embarrassing versus completely wrong, but whatever the case it’s sure to be something of an adventure, especially given my severely deficient autobiographical memory. I wasn’t going to import it until I was finished assembling all of my old posts to the Portland Stories blog, but since I just noticed that this story was posted twenty-one years ago today I’m making an exception. Just one example of a yesterday, yanked from the Wayback Machine.