So, I finally sat down to watch the video walkthrough for managing your Weblog.LOL blog via GitHub and I am torn. While I understand, now, how it works, I can’t decide if it’s a workflow I want to use.

One thing that stands out is that it greatly would simplify and streamline my blog restoration project, since several months ago I found a script to convert WordPress export files to individual Markdown files with YAML-style front matter. (More recently I got ChatGPT to write me one I better understood.) That would mean getting entire batches of old blogging into the system in various fell swoops.

I’m just not sure, though, that the process works for me as a regular, every day thing. That could just be because I only recently got a set of Shortcuts working directly with the Weblog.LOL API, or it could be because something about it just rubs me the wrong way in a fashion I can’t quite articulate or even identify.

Maybe I’ll return to consider the idea once the whole thing where templates other than the main one are stored as posts instead of in the configuration folder, because it’s a truism that jarring discontinuities play on my OCD and can make it difficult for me to see the actual picture. Also, the fact that for now you have to commit (not a pun) either to the GitHub process or the web UI/direct API process because they don’t play well together makes me nervous.

At any rate, the process is nowhere near as confusing as I thought it would be, so it’s at least not something to be dismissed out of hand. I’m just not sure if it’s right for how I currently feel like working.


  1. Today I spent some time with the rest of the process as outlined in the video—downloading GitHub desktop, performing the reset, playing with directory structure, and whatnot—and I have to say that it seems way too convoluted to me, somehow, for regular use. I’m definitely interested in using GitHub to restore mass batches of old blogging but it will have to wait until we freely can move back and forth between GitHub and the web UI/direct API access.