Earlier today, I wondered aloud if anyone else ever experiences a kind of design dysphoria in which you grow itchily-unsatisfied with the design of your online presence. Or: I’d been actively hating what it felt like to look at my blog.

This in part had been prompted by Manuel Moreale’s meta post about meta talk wherein bloggers spend time discussing blogging itself, not necessarily limited to matters of design.

It was less than a month ago that I re-themed the homepage and then proceeded to re-theme the blog to match it. I’m fairly sure, at this point, that I find myself in this sort of state when I am finding myself lost at sea about something, and I sort of assume it’s my recent stressing out over the social media presence of my former nonprofit.

At any rate, the point is that I’ve once again destroyed a theme and switched things up, this time stripping it back down to near-basics. It’s entirely possible that its CSS file is the lightest I’ve ever had. I haven’t even defined any fonts. Typically, doing all of this hyperfocused me right past hunger to the point of lightheadedness, because hyperfocus is not a superpower.

(Per a thing that came up under the previous theme, right now there’s only a light theme here, but I’ll figure out the dark theme soon enough. Also, I’m not entirely satisfied with the navigation menu, and I haven’t yet decided how to utilize the “previously on” section.)

Hopefully, this will calm down the design dysphoria, as I don’t want to be re-theming my blog as often as Ramona Flowers changes her hair, although if nothing else this give me the digressionary opportunity to mention that I’m now deeply impatient for the Scott Pilgrim anime that is reuniting the film’s cast pretty much wholesale.


  1. There’s a dark theme now, which mostly just flips the background and foreground and uses somewhat darker link colors but still from the Violet options in the Open Color set.

  2. I stripped a bunch of pages out of the navigation for the moment while I think about how I want to organize this (and potentially my homepage, too) now.

  3. It’s possible that this might be the most soothing visual experience my blog has ever offered.

  4. Irritatingly, it seems that Google Chrome does not recognize text-decoration-offset if it has a decimal value, and so links are styled wrong for Chrome users.

  5. It’s actually looking like the Chrome issue is negative values for text-decoration-offset, which I find even more inexplicable.