My Views Might Or Might Not Reflect My Views

I’ve talked before about wanting to add a disclaimer here so that as my blog restoration project fills out over time, I call attention to the fact that any given post might be so old its current relevance isn’t necessarily known.

With a couple of tweaks that have been made to some Weblog.LOL configuration functions—notably the ability to use $date and the new $relative_date in Tags format:—I’ve expanded my use of the post tags area from simply linking to all the posts from the same source to now also including both relative date and publication date of the post and a standard note.

Posts more than a decade old might or might not still reflect my views. Feel free to ask.

(That last is a link to send me an email, should anyone have any concerns about older posts.)

Along with adding a bit of new CSS for this element, these changes function fairly well as-is (although relative dates in minutes or hours will be inaccurate pretty quickly). Weblog.LOL eventually will add support for some conditional template logic, at which point I’ll simply hide some of the post footer copy when a post is newer than ten-years-old.

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