A Post Is Only As Old As It Feels

Mike Hall notes a thing he’s placed on old posts to contextualize them as being, well, old posts. It’s a thing that is in the long-term plan for here, once Weblog.LOL will let me do it.

I’ve mentioned this before but since then I’ve finally managed to track down where I’d originally seen the idea. Consider this my credit where it’s due.


Those old posts have been with me the entire time, though. Once I realized how much value they had for telling me where I’d been, and for making me sit with the discomfort of decades-old ideas and behaviors I’d once thought just fine, I started looking forward to the “on this day” reminder I got from the journaling tool I put them all in. Each day provides an opportunity to look back. Some days I remember exactly what I was thinking, other days I have no idea and would have bitterly denied ever talking that way or thinking that way.

As I said before, “I do think it doesn’t make sense to restore two decades of blogging without a disclaimer of this sort on old posts.”

But I also agree with Hall: “Whatever turns up, I own all of it. That treatment at the top of those older posts is not so much an excuse as it is a reminder.”

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