Sometimes They Are The Inhumane Society

What follows is the transcript of voicemail left by Oregon Humane Society, and two emails I sent in its wake.

Voicemail from Oregon Humane Society, March 31, 2022

Hi there, I’m calling from the Oregon Humane Society, and I got the personality profile that you filled out for Willow, and I actually went ahead and got the vet records from Cathedral vet and spoke with our medical team, and unfortunately we’re not able to take ataxia on at our shelter, so we would not be able to assist with placement for Willow. Depending on you know her quality of life and her just ability to function day-to-day we might be able to offer end-of-life services if that something that you would be looking to pursue, but unfortunately we would not be able to assist with placement for her. I’m very sorry that we’re not able to assist, and I’m sorry for the sad news.

Email to Cathedral Animal Hospital, March 31, 2022

OHS is a firm “no” on even considering Willow for re-adoption services.

At this point I don’t know what I am supposed to do. DoveLewis wants to end her, OHS wants to end her, and until we got her back on meds, it even seemed to me like the only option after this past weekend.

But as we know, I can’t afford diagnostics and I can’t afford treatment. I don’t even know for much longer I can even afford meds, even if we revert to just the gabapentin and the mirtazapine.

She eventually needs to be somewhere that doesn’t have hurdles of anxiety, executive dysfunction, and OCD that will interfere with her care, especially as litter box issues increase, and for whom affording medications isn’t a constant battle. And somewhere where she can actually get into the f*cking windows so she can engage with a world other than the floor.

What am I supposed to do here.

Email to Oregon Humane Society, March 31, 2022

Very disappointed in OHS. There’s absolutely someone out there who is ready and willing to care for my cat Willow, if only someone like OHS would help me find them. She’s not in an end-of-life situation. I just cannot either financially or psychologically be her person for much longer. It’s heartbreaking that OHS considers her of no value simply because her current owner is poor and disabled and she requires some special needs care. I expected better of you all.