Eine Kleine Web Restlessness

Having moved my single-page websites, including my homepage, back to Carrd due to the DigitalOcean weirdness, I’m now getting restless about the remaining sites on the droplet, and whether or not I want to keep self-hosting things at all. I’m giving serious thought to moving this blog over to Tumblr, and incorporating links to the articles I’m reading and saving to my Pocket archive, and then figuring out where to put the Currently non-development blog. I’ve thought about DEV, and more recently Virality, but neither of them allow you to backdate posts so that they continue to exist “when” they should exist. That would still leave serverless my years-old fan blog for the unproduced Goners, though.


  1. I forgot that Virality is way too expensive. Then I remembered Bloggi, which appeals to me for its sheer lack of customizability. You can customize colors and fonts but there’s no theming or templating.

  2. Of course, Bloggi isn’t being developed any more, as the developer is working on a new project. Also, it never had any kind of archive page. There’s also Proseful, but I don’t think they have an archive page, either. Nor does Svbtle.