Always Twirling, Twirling, Twirling

I’m not sure how many times I’ve moved Bix Dot Blog around, but as of today it’s off of Tumblr and onto the pre-pre-alpha service from For now, it’s everything the blog had in its most-recent version, which means posts going back just to May 2021.

However, the plan is to bring over everything from early 2018, which includes and involves blogging from a number of different services, on a number of different domains, and I’ve aleady begun work on a locally-hosted archive trying to get that all sorted out for an eventual mass import.

Then the plan gets more ambitious, in that I’m looking at the project for 2023 being getting as much as I can find from my blogging going back to my start in 1998 or 1999. There’s no question that I can’t find all of it, but I’ve found a lot of it. This will not, however, include the late, great Portland Communique, whose content only exists on an old OpenBSD drive I currently cannot actually connect to anything; anyway, I’d rather, someday, put that back up at its original locality-based domain, if I ever can get ahold of the guy who runs Portland-based locality domains.

The biggest flaw in what’s up right now is that links from one post to another likely are broken, because I’ve changed URL structures (again), but I’ll get that sorted out over time; feel free to email me (you can do it right from any post) if you spot a link I haven’t yet fixed, and I’ll get on it.

So, blogging moves forward and, next year, maybe also kind of backward.