Flickr Flashback To Microblogging

Back during 2019 and 2020, trying to find some sort of middle ground between blogging and social media, I used the service. Over that time, I microblogged something around 300 photos that didn’t get posted anywhere else. That microblog experiment for me ended while ago now, but when I brought it to a close I did make sure to save all of those photos to a local folder

Finally today, I sat down and uploaded them to Flickr. That date range, you’ll notice, includes the beginning of the pandemic, which means a degree of my early pandemic experience is reflected in some of these photos.

I’ve not yet sat down to go through the old blog posts themselves—I have them in a private archive, and fortunately I think they are all tagged “photos”—to pull over descriptions and add tags and such, but that’s my intended project for the weekend.