What If Social, But Day-Page Style?

There’s a minority approach to blogging that structures itself around “day pages”, in which each day’s posts are accumulated on a single page. It’s a minority today but if my broken ability to recollect things is accurate, some early blogging software divided posts into days whether or not the days themselves were individual archive pages. I know that my own Portland Communique had date headers, at least. I feel like Blogger divided into days, with each post having an anchor-style permalink.

Today I got to wondering what a day-page approach to Micro.blog—or any presumptively slower and saner social platform—would look like. By which I mean an interface that rather than offering another social feed or timeline instead presented a list of the people you follow who have posted at all today.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the model I use for my hypothetical asocial networking app, Currently. That site, however, is meant to be more limited to the style of /now pages.

In the context of something like Micro.blog, from the list of people who have posted today you’d click on someone and be taken to a generated page just of their posts from today, almost as if you were visiting their profile page with a “today’s date” filter applied.

What’s not as clear to me in this bit of wondering is how you’d handle conversations. I suppose the same way they are handled now: they’d open on a page of their own and remain separate and apart from any kind of “today’s date” filter. The idea would be that one’s entry-point into the people you follow would be more cognitively manageable than a mixed-follows timeline.


  1. For that matter, I’d be curious what a day-page style interface to Mastodon would look like.