Linklog Wayfinding

While I’m firmly committed to the avoidance of the emotional sinkhole known as tinkering with one’s blog (and I don’t intend even to mention most of my tweaks), there’s one noticeable exception today: links in the Linklog section now are appended with the linked domains, for better usability—especially on phones and tablets where you can’t just hover over a link to see where it leads. I’m not entirely in love with how it looks, but I think it’s a sufficient compromise between visual simplicity and making things easy on the reader. I’d have preferred a native, server-side WordPress solution via plugin or custom function, but this browser-side Javascript answer is what presented itself.


  1. The client-side Javascript solution has been replaced with a server-side custom WordPress function. Rendering is the same, but now it will work even in browsers with Javascript disabled.