The message i just sent to the Kaiser advice nurse line.

While on antibiotics for a UTI, I’m supposed to be keeping an eye out for “any pain in your back or flank” (as the phrase seems to be), and while I do not currently have any indication of such, I am becoming autistically paranoid about being able to detect it should it arise. So I need your help with some specificity. In my case, my autism includes poor interoceptive sense, making ID’ing bodily sensations a challenge. I’m worried that in the “noise” of gas, heartburn, and muscle aches from tension, I might miss a “signal” I am supposed to be monitoring for. Can you please be more specific than “in your back or flank”, e.g. locate relative to body parts I can easily find such as “rib cage” or “navel” or whatever seems useful as a landmark? Thank you.