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I’ve been trying once again to nail down a fixed set of things to have for each meal, and I realized that I don’t think I ever had anyone specifically explain to me, really, what you should be eating for breakfast, what you should be eating for lunch, and what you should be eating for dinner. By which I mean, I gather that one’s body needs different sorts of things at different parts of the day, to an extent, and how would one go about making that map for oneself. So, I’ve just emailed my primary care physician at Kaiser to ask about nutritionists or dietitians or whatever. (No, this is not an open solicitation for advice; it’s a life update.) I’m pointing myself toward an authoritative discussion with someone who’s job is to know these things, and who can apply an autistic filter to the conversation.


  1. I should note that when I started up with my current therapist, I’d specifically said that my only real “goal”, per se, to start out with was simply getting back to having the pattern of a weekly check-in on how I’m doing, where I’m at, and how things are going. The resumption of that pattern in and of itself, I fully believe, is why my brain is clicking into things like, “Oh, hey, I should talk to a nutritionist or whatever.”