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Kristen Bottema‐Beutel, Shannon Crowley, Micheal Sandbank, and Tiffany G. Woynaroski, in “Research Review: Conflicts of Interest (COIs) in autism early intervention research – a meta‐analysis of COI influences on intervention effects”:

Conflicts of interest are prevalent but under‐reported in autism early intervention research. Improved reporting practices are necessary for researcher transparency and would enable more robust examination of the effects of COIs on research outcomes.

Emily Alpert Reyes, in “Voices from the spectrum: Autistic people deal with the coronavirus”:

Autistic people have diverse experiences that resist easy generalization. But in recent interviews, a number of autistic adults say that although the pandemic can be especially stressful for people on the spectrum, many are practiced in dealing with the challenges — social isolation, disrupted routines, economic strain — that are now affecting the general population. And they hope that those experiences might help people who aren’t autistic to better understand them.

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