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It’s just going to be stuck in my craw all day. While wearing lifts because one feels too short isn’t analogous to actually-autistic people camouflaging their autisticness, it is somewhat analogous to an actually-autistic person with sensory sensitivities wearing ear defenders. It’s a self-directed and personal accommodation to real or perceived and potentially unbridgeable differences between one’s subjective reality and the nature of the objective (built or social) world around you.

So, there was an analogy to made here, but it’s not one that would have suited Fombonne’s apparently-behaviorist agenda worldview—because him not wearing lifts one day isn’t going to traumatize his brain (setting aside whether he would feel awkward, embarrassed, or just have a hard time doing certain things) the way suppression of one’s self so often can be traumatizing to an autistic brain.

To be clear: this isn’t to disregard Fombonne’s experience being short or his hypothesized schizophrenic’s experience having a medication-induced tic.

It’s simply to say that outward behavior is not all there is, and a behaviorist view of autism effectively gaslights autistic people and actually contributes to stigma. By ignoring the psychic costs to actually-autistic people of autistic camouflaging, Fombonne contributes to a neurotypical environment in which autistic people will be expected to camouflage.