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Link Log Roundup For April 27, 2020

In this edition: the PennySaver, Oregon at one month, Oregon City, the unhoused, killing methods, beaches, the right to read, grocery workers, western states, Biden, vote-by-mail, and suffrage.

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How an Iowa newspaper is covering COVID-19 for kids

Over the course of a few days in March, the paper launched two products aimed at children: The Kids Gazette, a dedicated page in the paper with news and activities for children, and it turned over four pages in its PennySaver circular to the Cedar Rapids school district to publish updates and activities for students and their families.

A month after ‘Stay Home,’ here’s where Oregon stands on the coronavirus

There’s a huge warning in the state’s projections. As soon as the stay home order is lifted, even if schools stay closed and large gatherings are banned, infections will take off: 30,000 within six weeks.

State Attorney General Threatens Oregon City Mayor With Legal Action If He Violates Governor’s Stay-Home Order

Holladay tells WW he hadn’t made any concrete plans to reopen Oregon City businesses, but that he had spoken to business owners and mayors across the state about the prospect of doing so. However, after a mayors’ consortium meeting Thursday, Holladay says, he decided he would abide by the governor’s stay-home order and that he was caught off guard when, the next day, he received the letter threatening legal action.

For People Living Outside, Coronavirus Shutdowns Can Exacerbate Mental Health Concerns

But that all unraveled as schools and businesses shut down and Oregonians started staying home to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Drake, who is unhoused and autistic, said stable routines are important to his mental health and the past few weeks have been anything but stable.

We Still Don’t Know How the Coronavirus Is Killing Us

But there is one big question that didn’t even make it onto Warzel’s list that has only gotten more mysterious in the weeks since: How is COVID-19 actually killing us?

Californians flout social distancing as tens of thousands crowd beaches amid heat wave and pandemic

Crowds of beachgoers and surfers flocked to the Huntington Beach coast over the weekend as hot weather descended over the region. While officials urged people to adhere to social distancing measures, local news and various photos shared online indicated that many were less than six feet apart and not wearing face masks or coverings.

Court Rules Detroit Students Have Constitutional Right To An Education

For decades, civil rights lawyers have tried to help students and families in underfunded schools by arguing that the U.S. Constitution guarantees children at least a basic education. Federal courts have consistently disagreed. Until now.

Oregon grocery workers fear for safety after death of Whole Foods employee

Pace, a Safeway cashier in Forest Grove, said some customers don’t maintain social distance as they move through the narrow aisles of her store and others ignore guidelines entirely. Some customers have grown angry when they are asked to pack their own reusable bags. Others don’t wear face masks and cough or sneeze while she rings them up.

Colorado and Nevada Join California, Oregon, and Washington in Western States Pact

Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak today announced their respective states are joining California, Oregon and Washington in the Western States Pact––a working group of Western state governors with a shared vision for modifying stay at home and fighting COVID-19.

Biden Doesn’t Need a Message to Win

If it’s true that Joe Biden must have a message to win a majority of voters, what might that message be in a context of a four-day-old conflict over whether the president really did say what he really said? “Don’t drink bleach” or “I believe in science” or “Trump isn’t worth poisoning yourself”? Or more generally: “I will defend and protect the health and well-being of all Americans” or “I will honor my oath of office”? This would sound like parody if the reality of our current moment weren’t so absurd.

Voting in the Time of the Coronavirus | |

Fifty-six percent of Americans favor their state allowing people to vote by mail without needing to provide a reason. Just 26% oppose. Although fewer support voting online by submitting their ballot through a website (40% favor and 39% oppose) or conducting elections using only mail-in ballots without any in-person voting (39% vs. 40%), there has been a considerable increase in support for these methods since September 2018.

A pandemic nearly derailed the women’s suffrage movement

“This new affliction is bringing sorrow into many suffrage homes and is presenting a serious new obstacle in our Referendum campaigns and in the Congressional and Senatorial campaigns,” she continued. “We must therefore be prepared for failure.”

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