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The ‘Parks and Recreation’ Reunion Tightrope

What was great to me about the Parks and Recreation series finale is that it left open two very different possibilities: that indeed we were being given glimpses into the future, or that we merely were being given glimpses of Leslie Knope’s vision of the future. (If you recall, the finale shows us each character’s purported future only when Leslie touches them; much of what we see arguably makes more sense as Leslie’s notions than as canon flash-forwards.) In this light, then, I find news of a quarantine revival—“Pawnee, Indiana’s most dedicated public servant, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), determined to stay connected with her friends and colleagues during a time of social distancing”—in the form of a thirty-minute special interesting, in that I wonder if they somehow will be able to maintain that indeterminacy.

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