Today’s psychoconsult: why I visit the zoo (it’s a routine, familiar, physical and psychic space out of the day-to-day context), self-employment versus otherwise (it’s only in the last decade that I stopped bouncing checks, due in part to the rise of the smartphone as a tool to do what my brain wasn’t, and also I don’t need the additional financial responsibility, and also some degree of external structure can be helpful), and the potential impact of aphantasia and autobiographical memory deficiencies on traditional mental planning (I might need a custom toolbox).


  1. The other thing that came up is that it wasn’t my autism diagnosis that made me realize how fundamentally different people’s brains can be, and therefore how starkly different our subjective experiences of the world, but learning about aphantasia. I think I try not to think about it too much becausr it hurts to try to imagine any other way of experiencing the world.

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