Last week I wondered what becomes of Albina Vision under the Rose Quarter “Improvement” Project. Today, the Albina Vision Trust pulled out of the freeway-widening project, and several political stakeholders appeared to have followed them out the door.

“Real change is demanded of all of us,” says Yohannes, who said the “red flag” was the failure by Oregon Department of Transportation to delineate how the project timeline and decision-making would change with input from the renewed discussions that began in January.

“I would say that we had to consider that our intensive outreach and discussion on the part of our team was not resulting in any changes in the project,” she said. “We cannot accept their position that they’ll change without changing.”

Catch up on what’s what via Bike Portland. You might remember I once blogged about Albina Vision when posting about an interview with the designer of Wakanda — who coincidentally just today asked for BIPOC community and city planners to get in touch.

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