My concern with Ben Mathis-Lilley’s look at Larry Kudlow saying Americans will have to just “live with” the resurgence of the virus should be with Kudlow’s blithe disregard, but I find I’m more concerned with Mathis-Lilley effectively letting Kudlow and his ilk off the hook even while superficially criticizing them.

This impossibility, of making a full economic recovery without a full public health recovery, is a bind that almost every official in the U.S. except hard-line Trump loyalists saw coming.

It’s ludicrous to suggest that folks like Kudlow don’t actually understand that you can’t make “a full economic recovery without a full public health recovery”. They understand this; their goal isn’t “full economic recovery”.

So long as can lurch from one quick, superficial fix to another for the next five months, they hope it’s enough to fool the voting public into believing Trump saved the economy, and so win the election.

They’re cynical not clueless and it’s exasperating how many people engaged in journalism keep granting them the escape clause of the latter.