Healthy Businesses Permits For St. Johns?

Trying to figure out what streets in downtown St. Johns could work as outdoor plazas under the new Healthy Businesses permit given that the main drag — North Lombard — would be exempt due to being a transit route, I think that segments of Alta, Burlington, Leavitt, and John are good candidates, in that they could be used not only by businesses on those streets but by nearby businesses on Lombard near the intersection(s).

Alta would allow for Champ’s Barber, Affogato, and Homegrown Smoker. Burlington would allow for The Great North, Sol Bowl, Chop, and 45th Parallel Wines. Leavitt would allow for St. Johns Coffee, Wood Fired Eats, Paiku, and North End Barber. John would allow for John Street Cafe, Hot Dog Energy, and Stormbreaker.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that all of these locations become plazas under the new permitting process. These are just my best takes on where they might work.


  1. It’s possible that maybe lower Leavitt would not work due to the US Bank parking lot.

Author: Bix

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