My Annoying Weblog Self-References Use Case

Here’s essentially what I wish I could do on my blog: effectively, I’d like a webmention plugin that only handles self-references — in other words, when a new post of mine links to an old post of mine — and creates a “this post referenced by” section on the old post(s). Something that wouldn’t just be dumped into WordPress comments management, but had its own separate management hooks and administrative tab (e.g. References, or something). What’s more, because I always have to make it even harder: because only some of my blog posts have titles, I’d need the generated links to use the post title if there is one (p-name), else use N number of words from the body (e-content). Ideally it would be nice if I could have this and also a separate process for external webmentions should I ever decided to make use of them, but my understanding is that incoming webmentions use the first endpoint they find; I’d gladly sacrifice the ideal if I could have the first priority want.


  1. I admit that I feel like this really should be its own, self-contained process which wouldn’t interfere with or at all relate to existing comment, trackback, pingback, or webmention functionality in any way.