My set of diagnoses did not include a separate diagnosis of sensory processing disorder, but the below bit from the latest Learning from Autistics interview is reasonably descriptive of my autistic sensory issues.

My mood can change so quickly if I am overwhelmed by something as I cannot filter the information coming into my brain, and I cannot regulate my emotions or understand and label my own feelings (I was told by my autism assessor that this is referred to as Alexithymia). This means day-to-day it can be quite tiring being out in the world, and as a result, I’ve become very good at masking (hiding my true thoughts/feelings), and I can only really drop that mask when I am in a safe environment like my home.

As I continue to discover ways in which I was under sensory stress during my pre-diagnosis decades but suppressing the effects even from my own conscious awareness, I remain confused as to how people manage workaday lives without driving either themselves or the people around them batshit.