It’s always possible that this is just the first-stage of Bookshop’s ebook solution, but if it’s the extent of it, it’s wildly disappointing. I noticed a GET THE EBOOK link on Bookshop’s page for A Song for a New Day and it seems that they are using a storefront provided by Papertrell and an app called My Must Reads. That’s right: an app. Their ebook solution apears not to be in any way about buying an .epub; instead you must install an app on your Fire, Kobo, or Nook. Of course, the only Kobo that ever included apps was the Arc which doesn’t even exist anymore. (Try clicking other navigation-bar links on that page; I’ll wait.) Not only, then, is this ebooks “solution” restricted to an app, it’s one you can’t even use if your ereader is a Kobo. Bookshop’s arrival has been pretty exciting but this restricted-to-an-app approach to ebooks is powerfully underwhelming.

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